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fair tradeSince the establishment of our company in 1997, we have been aware of the merits of fair trading practice. As a small new trader in the international market, we realized that we would be benefited from the implementation of the underlying principle of  fair trade in dealing with both our suppliers and purchasers. We have tried our best to transact with our trading rivals with mutual benefits as the highest objective and  fairness the guiding principle all the time. We are most delighted to see that more and more people recognize the importance of fair trade along with the process of globalization. We believe that the payment of a "fair price" as well as social and reasonable environmental standards in areas related to the production of goods advocated by the movement have provided us more ethical strength and social support in obtaining a fairer profit margin for the product of our company. This in turn have improved the  return of our company owners and and employees. Therefore, we are willing to commit ourselves to the principle of fair trade voluntarily at large as far as we can.

We officially post this notice to the public when we renew our web-site recently but indeed we adhere to the said principles since our establishment and will keep sticking to it in trading with our business partners in the future.

2009 Event Calendar

Date Exhibition Booth
1/05 - 08' 2009  HK International Stationery Fair GHD19
2/13 - 17' 2009 Ambiente Frankfurt  1.2E23C
4/27 - 30' 2009 HK Gift & Premium Fair 1N36
7/03 - 07' 2009 Tendence Frankfurt 9.1G17F
10/20 - 23' 2009 Mega Show Part I 2A29

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